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The SnP Group connects a range of independent and individual emerging businesses and film establishments from the rental, set services, picture and sound post-production sectors. We are driven by a passion for high quality work on film and television films and want to break down the barriers between art and technology. We want our clients to forget about the whole high technology and logistics behind the productions. It is results that matter and we will apply the appropriate tools.



Turn dreams into realities – not more and not less is our mission at Shoot’n’Post. Everything always starts with a dream. Already from this point on our service begins: determine the format, set a budget, find technical results for the imaginable. We stand by your side with our services from the beginning of your dream: creative, professional efficient and friendly. When are you going to dream with us?



Regardless of what type of recording format transfers to whatever wished final format, we know the best path for your final result.
A well thought out workflow saves money, time and nerves. There will be enough unforeseen problems and it is definitely helpful that we can take care of the technical ones.


We are with you on the set. That is probably our biggest advantage. The scheduled workflows will be supervised by our DITs and the whole know-how from a post-production company will be with you on the set. The constructed pattern gradings or live grades will be completely transferred into the final grading without any restrictions.


An example on the tablet or a film in the theaters? A spot in the web or a murder mystery on TV?  The results from all of our work will attain your goals. Our speedy internet definitely helps. It is especially fast.


From the mosquito to the elephant, from the match to the forest fire, sound design is an effective instrument to strongly influence the audience emotionally, regardless in what direction. We are almost a century well versed on this topic and we can provide a strong and experienced team for your auditory support.


Powerful colouring, noble paleness or the agfa-retro-look and everything that you can colour in – that is how we will paint your film. The colour matching department is awash with colours. Experts with many years of experience and impressive portfolios show every scene in a perfect light.


Shiny glitter, big explosion, a revival of the 1920s street scenery, monsters and friendly creatures. You can go on dreaming of the impossible. With our VFX department of highly skilled, very experienced and well equipped staff, all you can imagine will be reality on screen.

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Our long-standing expertise in all of the relevant film branches, together with a dedicated and friendly team as well as excellent technology and cutting-edge infrastructure are the proven ingredients for our success from the long path of the idea to the enthusiastic audience.
We will accompany you from the beginning to the end with passion, professionalism and endurance.



Our finished productions have already proven their success in a wide range of A-rated filmfestivals (and others of course), in prime-time TV-broadcasts and long-term series as well as box office. 

Want to see which ones? Have a look to our reference section or ask for the never-ending list by simply sendig a mail. We'd appreciate!



We can understand everybody who is not that excited about technology, although we ourselves are very much. For a movie experience in a cinema, it is irrelevant how a film was technologically transferred. Nonetheless, every film is reliant on technology and all are dependent upon it working. That is a problem which can be solved especially by us.





Ernst- Augustin- Straße 12
12489 Berlin, Germany
T // +49 (0)30 644 9963 60
F // +49 (0)30 644 9963 63
E //

We are located in Berlin-Adlershof, in the new “City of Science, Technology and Media.” Click here to find the directions to our studio.

Would you like to get in direct contact with one of our specialists regarding sound, grading, on set post or rentals? You’ll find all of their contact information here.

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